Have a look through our capability

AOG “No Problem” we have qualified technicians with all the necessary equipment, ready to travel anywhere in the world at any time to meet the needs of our customers. Just mention some of them:

Our Testcell is located at Miami International Airport MIA.

The Assembly Department is staffed with highly qualified and motivated staff with a “CAN DO” attitude.

The Disassembly Department is staffed by a dedicated and talented crew that follows the work instructions to disassemble and expose the areas needing maintenance.

Our Machine Shop is staffed by highly trained Machinists and Tool and Die Maker that makes possible to perform most of the repair most parts.

Our Bearing Room Staff is factory trained.

Our welders are certified by the American Welding Society per AWS D17.1 Specification for Fusion Welding Aerospace Applications. Welders are re-qualified every 2 years.

Our Accessory Shop is a work in progress where we are working to expand our capabilities to the engine accessories. Presently we have the following:

The Rotor Shop Department staff has a staff with decades of experience in the assembly and balance of engine rotating modules.

Our Cleaning Department is staffed with a Chemist and a highly trained workforce. Presently we perform the following procedures:

Our Paint Shop is able to meet most of the needs in the repair of JT3D, JT8D Standard Series and JT8D-200 Series Engines: 

All our Dimensional and Quality Control Inspectors are highly trained and experienced and are certified per FAA Part 65.


Our N.D.T. Department is staffed with ASNT 1A Certified Level II Inspectors. A Level III is available for consultations.

Stock Room.

Turbine Engine Center, Inc is a company with versatile and flexible services for our customer, our main purpose is to support our customer operations and keep your airplanes on the air.