Paint Shop

Our Paint Shop is able to meet most of the needs in the repair of JT3D, JT8D Standard Series and JT8D-200 Series Engines: 

We are able to perform the following procedures:

  • SPOP 42   Chromate Conversion Coating of Aluminum (AMS 2473 or AMS 2474)
  • SPOP 142 Aluminum Painting – High Baking Resistant Enamel PWA 578
  • SPOP 147 Application of PWA 110 Heat & Corrosion Resistant Coating to Ferrous
  • SPOP 162 Application of PWA 110 Inorganic Aluminum Coating
  • SPOP 148 Application of Epoxy Primer or and Aluminized Epoxy Primer
  • SPOP 152 Application of Synthetic Varnish Coating AMS 3132
  • SPOP 160 Application of PWA 474 Anti-galling Compound to Steel or Aluminum Parts